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Secure Your Valuables in UL TL-30 Series Safes

The UL TL-30 certification indicates that these safes from Brawn are made to withstand burglars armed with prybars, drills and even saws and cutting wheels. Any attempts to force opening activate the glass relock system to burglar-proof the safe. The heavy plate steel frame surrounds an interior that can be customized for your needs to organize, protect and maximize the usable space within the safe. Available in a variety of sizes and custom configurations, Brawn’s UL TL-30 Certified series offers you a number of options to secure your valuables and documents. Check out the specifications below and call us to learn more:

UL TL-30 Certified

2-hour fire-resistant

½” ballistic steel hard plate inside the door protecting the locks

Additional ½” ballistic steel plate inside the door

UL-certified Group 2M manipulation-resistant combination lock with spy-proof dial (other lock options available)

Full composite construction comprised of the highest quality barrier material enclosed within heavy steel plates

Sophisticated glass relock system activates massive relockers when attacked

Heavy plate steel frame

High quality adjustable hinges

Custom interiors available

STOCK MODELS are in bold below; all other models are available by SPECIAL ORDER only.

UL TL-30 Series Safes
UL TL-30 FT-160 open
UL TL-30 FT-76 front
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