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Wholesale B-Rated Safes, Electronic Locks & More

Since 2001 Brawn Security Products has provided locksmiths and wholesale dealers throughout Canada with top-quality fire, burglary, depository and custom safes as well as dial, combination and electronic locks and keypads designed to suit your needs for a variety of security applications. We offer solutions for the secure storage of cash, jewelry and other valuables for short term storage between deposits or long term storage on site. We provide security products ideal for domestic and commercial use for retailers and more, including cash drawers and cash boxes, data safes for electronic media, deposit safes, B-Rated safes, key cabinets, and a variety of fire-proof and burglar-resistant safes to suit any need. To provide quality security solutions at competitive prices, we source our safes and locks worldwide. For more information, fill out the convenient eform on this page, or call us today!




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