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Portable Key Safes for Property Management & More

Store property keys externally without having to leave them under doormats or give out multiple copies. Brawn Security Products offers convenient key safes that are secure and easy to use. Available in permanent and portable options, key safes are ideal for construction and maintenance crews, real estate agencies and more. Call us today!

KeySafe Original (Permanent)

KeySafe Original - Permanent
The permanent KeySafe holds up to 5 keys and is easy to install with mounting hardware 001001 Assorted Clamshell package with push lid – 6 in case pack.

KeySafe Original (Portable)

KeySafe Original - Portable
The pushbutton or spin-dial version hangs easily on a doorknob, fence, railing or pipe. Just open the lid, lift the shackle and hang the 001000 Assorted Clamshell and push lid.

  • 6 in pack001005 Black Clamshell

  • Dial Lid

  • 6 in pack 001095 Titanium

  • Over Door Mount

  • Reshipper

  • Push Lid

KeySafeOriginal (Slimline)

KeySafe Original - Slimline

  • Attaches to any wall or flat surface with included mounting hardware 

  • Interlocking faceplate prevents tampering and unauthorized access

  • Holds 2 keys, assorted colours 001004 Assorted Clamshell

  • 6 in package

KeySafe Auto

KeySafe Auto

  • Slips easily over window and is secured by rolling the window up

  • Equipped with stainless steel hanger and enclosed in rubber to protect window surfaces 

  • 001003 Black Reshipper window mount

  • 6 in pack

KeySafe Pro

KeySafe Pro

  • Perfect for storing access cards, multiple keys or keys with large handles

  • Patented pushbutton technology

  • Used for shops and maintenance crews needing to store multiple keys 

  • 001267 black reshipper – 6 in package

KeySafe Accessories

KeySafe Accessories

  • Lids and protective cover

  • Or KeySafe original series 081553 Black Slimline

  • Bulk Package

  • Lid cover

  • 6 in Pack

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