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Brawn Security Products Ltd

Protecting Canadians Coast to Coast

Electronic Combination Safe Locks & More

Brawn Security Products offers a range of safe locks ranging from simple to highly sophisticated, all designed to meet a variety of security needs. Our selection of high-security locks includes electronic and electronic combination locks, dial and dial combination locks and key locks, designed to work with wall, floor, depository safes and more. Give us a call to make your purchase today!

33E Series Electronic Combination Lock
Base Line Keypad Textured Black

KBL-10-TB Keypad

Base Line Keypad Matte Chrome
KBL-10-MC Keypad

Base Line Plus Keypad Matte Chrome
KBLP-12-MC Keypad

RotoBolt Lock Non-Handed Base Line
EL-20 Lock with 1 Manager and 1 User

RotoBolt Lock Non-Handed Base Line
EL-25 Lock with 1 Manager and 1 User with time delay

LaGard Basic II Lock Kit
(3715 + 4200)

  • Angular round entry, satin chrome keypad
  • Lock with 1 Manager and 1 User

LaGard Combo Electronic Lock (3750 + 3740-2)

  • LG combo round entry
  • ComboGard deadbolt lock with 1 Manager and 1 User

SecuRAM Safe Lock System

  • SafeLogic Basic / SafeLogic BackLit
  • 3035 ComboGard round entry

  • 3040-DB Knob lock deadbolt

SafeGard Electronic Combination Lock

  • 3000 Round entry, satin chrome
  • 4200 Dual-Handed Swing Bolt Lock
  • 4300 Dual-Handed Swing Bolt Lock

66E LG Audit Electronic Combination Lock 3125

LG Audit SC pin and spring

  • 3125 Keypad Round entry, satin chrome

LG 6040DB Deadbolt Lock

  • 3122 e-Key assembly
  • 4001 Large battery box standard

LP Audit

  • 3750-K LP audit entry
  • 4300 Dual-handed swing bolt lock

LG Key Lock Assembly 2270 

  • 2226 Keyhole cover
  • 2242-1-2 6″ Keys, random cut (pairs)

LaGard Mechanical Combination 3330
Group 2, 3-wheel lock

LaGard Dials & Rings 2085-SC

  • VisionGard dial & ring
  • 1779 FlatGard key locking dial & ring
  • 2107 Small dial & dial ring, satin chrome

Original S&G Dial/Ring/Lock Kit 6730


  • Dial & ring
  • UL listed group II combination lock
  • Patented S & G torque adjuster keeps the lock secure from vibration attacks
  • Internal relock trigger secures the lock in the event of a dial of spindle punching attacks
  • Dial spindles will accommodate a maximum door thickness of 3.4″

Crown Electronic Lock KP-001

  • Lock with one user and easy to program
  • Used in wall, floor and depository safes

BO-003 Brawn Filing Cabinet Lock

  • One user, easy to use 
  • Crown electronic lock and Keypad

Double Nose Key Lock
C440-RH MJWA RH Dual Nose SDB Lock

Dial-and-Dial Combination Locks 

  • BO-DL Dial combination and lock
  • BO-DL-4 Fire safe dial lock

ED-Override Key Cam Lock
PR-OK ED series Override key lock

Fire Safes Electronic Locks

  • KP-BL2 Electronic lock used in BST320/370/510
  • KP-BL3 Electronic lock used in BST610+
  • KP-BL4 Electronic lock used in BST610+ (2010+)

Booil Fire Safe Accessories

  • BO-SH Booil 3-spindle handle
  • BO-TR Booil thumb turn handle
  • BO-LH Booil L-shape handle
  • BSA-1 2-Hour fire dial lock face
  • BSA-2 1-Hour fire dial lock face
  • BBC-1 Booil battery cover

Booil Fire Safes Key Locks

  • BO-KL-1 42mm used in BSK-320
  • BO-KL-2 60mm used in filing cabinets
  • BO-KL-3 70mm used in BSC610+
  • BO-KL-4 80mm used in BST610+

ED Series Parts

  • EC-1 Security safes inside battery cover
  • EC-2 Security safes change code button
  • EC-3 Security safes lock face
  • EC-4 Security safes override key cover

Depository Accessories SU-CR 

  • Crank for rotary safes
  • SU-LH Depository L shape handle
  • SU-TH Depository T shape handle
  • SA-5 Burglary and fire shelf clips

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